Friday, September 3, 2010

So much to do!

But I wanted to blog about the last couple days with some pictures because I said I would. And because I love you.
I have to tell you though, we're trying to get ready to leave for the weekend. It's crazytown around here. Eric has to work today, so I'll be doing the majority of the preparations. That's fair, because he had the hassle of booking the hotel. Anyways, the kids are picking out and packing their own clothes. All I'm doing is telling them how many of each item they need (ie 5 pairs of underwear, etc). They are so excited, it's pretty funny.
All right, some happenings from this week, in no particular order!
Reese and Eli started getting a kids' National Geographic magazine, sent to them from Great Grandma Wesson. Awww, look at them reading! They love the magazines. What a great gift!!!
It has been Lego mania at our house these days. Eli has become quite the Lego freak, but he's too little to build much so the job falls on Eric to construct. I don't think Eric minds at all.
And then a foodie pic. I think it was Tuesday when I had the stove/oven going most of the day. The pan in the front is some simmering seitan. When I make seitan, I make a double batch and freeze half. My idea of a convenience food, seitan in the freezer. The pan in the back is syrup. I know, I know, you're going to be flabbergasted and ask what I'm doing making syrup. Here's the thing. The syrup at the store has a bunch of junk in it that I can't pronounce, and we all know I'm not a fan of that. Real maple syrup is expensive. I happened to find what I consider a compromise recipe. Is it health food? Uh, NO. Is it probably better than the junk in the store? I think so. We needed a batch, so I cooked up some real quick. It's just brown sugar, water, cornstarch, and some natural maple flavoring. Good times.

So other than getting ready for the weekend, there's not much else going on around here. It's always a bit hectic, the "getting ready." We're bringing our own food to cook so I have my handy meal plan all ready to go. I still have a few things to prepare in the kitchen. Clothes must be washed and gathered up in a duffle bag. In my perfect world, the house would be clean before we go too so I don't have to come home to a disaster. Oh yes, I probably should pack for myself.

The Getting Ready is worth it, and I'm excited about the adventures we're going to have. Pics when we get back!

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