Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Tuesday! Let's have a Round Up!

All right. I am sucking at blogging about our dinners. October is going to be a real challenge for me!! Last night we just had leftovers (aka Clean Out the Fridge Night), and the day before that I made vegetable pot pie.

October 1st, which happens to be this Friday, is World Vegetarian Day. Who's going veg with me? One day, people. I think everyone can do one meatless day. And if you're feeling really saucy, why not go veg for the entire month of October? Or just do meatless dinners? I'll help you by sharing what we're eating, point you to some other helpful blogs, and share some recipes and cookbooks I enjoy. Yay veg!!!

Over the weekend we didn't do a whole lot. I escaped the house on Friday night to have some coffee with friends. Saturday the children and I attended a fun festival at a friend's church. They had fake tattoos there, it was awesome. Then we went to the grocery store. I don't remember what we did on Sunday.

Monday was our homeschool group day. Families gathered together to share what we learned about the country of the month, Argentina. I made squash and black bean empanadas to share, but they were so good that I really wanted to eat them all myself. Reese talked about how people in Argentina have Christmas in the summer, she was pretty impressed that the seasons are opposite ours.

And today? We're staying at home, and I'm secretly glad. Some weeks I feel like we're on the go sooooooo much. The kids and I were able to enjoy a game of Candyland today. We didn't have to rush to finish our school-y stuff. I'll actually have time to get caught up in the kitchen or sew something. Maybe we'll get the bikes out or take a walk to a playground. I do like going places, but staying at home is nice too.

The only bad thing about staying home is the fighting. Ugh. Encouraging my children to get along with each other is definitely a work in progress. I'm reading Siblings Without Rivalry, hoping it will give me some ideas and insights. We shall see, and in the meantime, we just do the best we can. And I try not to yell and lose my temper too often.

Anyhoo, we have a couple literacy games that we want to play and a sequencing activity that uses the book Two Bad Ants. Have a great Tuesday, all!

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