Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Words

One of the activities Reese and I do together is from the 4 Blocks literacy program (I used to teach it a long time ago). This morning we worked with the -en family (hen, men, etc) and reviewed the -et family. You can see Reese sitting down...she's writing some words of her choice either from our making words lesson or from her word wall. The word wall has sight words on it.
While Reese and I were making some words, Eli was busily coloring his letter for this week, the letter F. At his age, we work on letter recognition, letter sounds, and developing a love of reading. Throughout the week, Eli will color more pictures of things that begin with F. We'll do some cutting and glueing and lots of reading.

So that's a little snapshot into one of our homeschooling activities! We're heading to our homeschool group this morning, Amazing Mondays, where we'll be exploding our volcano that we made last week. Expect pictures, and possibly video, soon!

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  1. and Julie said... You are such a good Mom! I'm glad you decided to home school your kids. You seem to really enjoy the teaching that you learned in college. Your kids, our grandkids are fortunate to have such a great Mom! and Dad! We can see how much both Reese and Eli have grown in the last 6 months. Love You! Mom and Dad