Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Thursday, you Sassy Thing

Thursdays are generally home days. We have nothing going on, Eric has the car, so the kids and I are shut ins. After a hectic three days, I can't say that I mind. I mean, I'm still in my pajamas, yo. That, however, does not mean that work isn't being done. Today is the day that I catch up on chores that have been sliding. I also try to do some baking and/or prep work in the kitchen for the next week.

So far today, I've only gotten to the sheets, but it isn't quite 8am yet. In a little bit I'll run the soymilk maker and we'll start some school-y stuff (Reese requested that math be first, she loves math). After I get some bread going, I think a walk to the woodchip playground is in order. At some point today I need to clean up the kid bedroom.

Yeah, I clean the kids' room. I know I shouldn't. It's their room and they should clean it, right? But after many hours of standing in the doorway directing them what to pick up, I decided it's just easier if I do it really quick. Although I think today they're going to have to help me because it's time to purge again. They just have too freaking much stuff. Some of it has to go.

How do I get Reese and Eli to give up some of their belongings? We're going to target the books and the stuffed animals (who I swear are breeding in the night, by the way). I ask each kid to pick ten books and ten stuffed animals to share with others who don't have toys. It seems pretty painless, for the most part. I'm sure they'll get more stuff for Christmas and birthdays, and let's face it. When two people are sharing one bedroom, we really do have to put a limit on the amount of stuff.

So. Thursday. You're a welcome quiet day in our busy weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

What's your favorite day of the week? you clean your kids' bedrooms?

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