Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Be Scared!

It looks like MEAT, doesn't it??

Don't worry, it's totally not. This was our dinner last night, bean burgers, which were served on homemade rolls, with oven fries and steamed broccoli on the side.

Mmmmmm. The bean burger recipe is a modified version of the Black Bean Burger in Veganomicon. I'll let you google it if you think you might enjoy a meatless burger. I tell you, I think the key to veggie burgers that actually stick together is wheat gluten. I would call this recipe flexible, too. I used pinto beans and regular white onions. I do like a recipe that still works with some substitutions. I have a pretty decently stocked pantry, but sometimes you use the red onions for something else because you forgot that you bought them for Black Bean Burgers. I'm not saying I did that. I'm just sayin'.

Tonight was Breakfast for Dinner, which is kind of boring. I served individual hash browns, tofu scramble, and toast. And then oatmeal for the kids who complained about the tofu scramble. I didn't take any pictures. You all know what tofu scramble looks like, right?

I'd like to brag and hype up my dinner for National Vegetarian Day, which is THIS FRIDAY, but I haven't decided what to cook. My menu plan for this week seems to have ended today. This needs to be remedied. Perhaps Friday would be a good day for seitan? Or for a really easy meal you can make with stuff you have in your pantry? I'm torn. I want to show the ease of vegetarian eating, but I also feel like celebrating with fancy food. We shall see what happens.

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