Saturday, September 11, 2010

I feel like it's been ages and ages since I blogged last, but I guess it's only been since Wednesday? Where in the world did the rest of the week go??

Well, let's see.

We are hot n' heavy into homeschooling. This is the biggest reason I maybe haven't been online as much as usual (which isn't a bad thing, haha). Reese is moving right along in math and so far we really love the Singapore curriculum. Lots of math games to develop number sense are being played. I love it! For reading this week we introduced a new word family, read our easy readers (Bob Books, and some pull out readers from some random reading curriculum), and did some writing. Thursday we had friends over and built our volcanos together (more on that later!!). On Friday, we went to the library and ran other errands. Here and there, Eli kept us entertained and also did some letter games.

See? Busy.

But I like it. I'm so glad that I get to watch my children learn new things. I get to see that sparkle in their eyes when they figure something out. Is it a lot of work? Oh yes. But worthwhile work.

The plan for today? There's an indoor Attic Sale that we're going to check out (yay for lookin' at other people's stuff!). A trip to Marvin's Market will happen at some point. But mostly just relaxing and hanging out, and maybe some sewing. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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