Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is it about homeschool curriculum that is so addicting? Deep down, I know that for this year, we are all set. We're using Singapore math, and it's going awesomely. Our reading curriculum is a mishmash of different things, but I feel good about how it's going. IMO there's not really a need to pay for a curriculum for science and social studies at the moment. I have plenty of supplemental 1st and 2nd grade teacher books with games and activities. Really, we don't need more stuff.

Then why do I get weak in the knees when I see an Ebay listing for a Kindergarten Investigations curriculum? Must be nostalgia, since I used Investigations to teach when I was working. Sometimes Investigations was a pain but most of the time the kids loved it and I liked it (with supplementation). It would be so fun to use it with Reese and Eli, but we don't *need* it.

Speaking of homeschooling, I was making copies at Kinko's the other day and discovered that they provide cardstock for copies at no extra charge. Eric helpfully (?) pointed out that they're probably overcharging me for copies anyway. I was still thrilled to discover this. I copied a bunch of stuff onto cardstock: activities for Eli, game boards, mini books. I feel that I got my $9 worth. It is 9 cents a copy though...any Columbus friends know of a cheaper copying place?

I suppose, it's time to make the To Do list and get cracking. Kids need to be schooled, the house needs to be cleaned, food needs to be prepared, and we have a plan to go swimming this morning. Happy Busy Tuesday!

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