Sunday, August 1, 2010

SWAP: Sewing With A Purpose

The seasons will be changing soon (well, not tomorrow or anything, but in a couple months) and it's time to think about clothes. I go through kid clothes a handful of times a year, making note of who has what and who needs what. The last time I went through the seasonal clothes bin, I noticed Eli had a ton of fall/winter clothes and Reese had next to nothing. Instead of frantically shopping garage sales, which I typically don't mind doing, but this year it just doesn't sound appealing, I decided to sew like a maniac.

Nah, not like a maniac. Since I decided so early that I'll be sewing a wardrobe, I can do a few pieces each week and we should be good to go by mid-October, when the weather gets cooler here. SWAP is a fancy way of saying you're going to plan and sew a seasonal wardrobe. The clothes ideally are mix and match, but Reese's wardrobe is going to be more eclectic because I'm challenging myself to sew from my stash mostly. Today I went through my fabric and made a few choices about what I'd be sewing.

This weekend I made a hooded sweatshirt and two long sleeved shirts. Oh you want pictures? Okay!

Well, you get one picture. I can't find the hoodie pic. However, these are from the Kwik Sew for Children book, just the basic t-shirt pattern. I have some gray pinstripe fabric left from making Reese her Business Dress (those of you who hang with us know what I'm talkin' about) and there should be enough for pants. I think Business Pants would look pretty okay with these shirts.

What else do I have planned? I bought Reese some adorable chicken fabric, and that is going to become an Emmy shirt and capris. I found some surfer girl knit that would be a cute hoodie. I also have to buckle down and get a new set of underwear done. Busy busy!

Any other seamstresses out there? What's on your sewing table?

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