Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's Cook Some Stuff!!

I love, love, love being in the kitchen. This could very well explain my snug pants, but you know, I just can't stay away. It's relaxing for me to duck into the kitchen and fix dinner or bake something.

Yesterday night was pizza night. I tried something new, an idea I swiped off Arti, otherwise known as The Next Food Network star. She made pizza with chutney sauce, and since I'm a chutney addict, I thought it would be awesome to make some of my own. I'd linkie you to the recipe, but Eric found it for me and I'm too lazy to go looking for it again. Sorry, readers! But! If you go to the Food Network site, I think you can search for it there.

Anyway, here's what's left of my vegan chutney pizza. The cheeze on top is Daiya, which I'm pretty crazy about:

Tonight I made Indian food, including these samosas! The recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance, an awesome cookbook for beginner and experienced vegan cooks alike. We also had some chickpea curry, and assorted fruits. Yes, my children will eat samosas, in case you were wondering.

And here's what I did much of Sunday afternoon with Reese:

Reese got a sewing kit for Christmas that we finally got around to working on. It's hard to see, but those are sweet treats (cake, cupcake, cookies). The kit itself was pretty easy, all the holes for sewing were precut and the directions were clear. It was tough for Reese though so I did lots of it for her. Whenever there's a straight stitch though, Reese is all over that. I think she'll be a great little seamstress someday. Anyway, she and I had a good time.

Then after dinner tonight I threw together some granola bars for Eric. He found a raw recipe that he wanted me to try. Those are in the freezer setting up right now. If I remember, I'll snap a picture before I cut them. I also made after dinner drinks (canteloupe margaritas). It's been a long, busy Monday, and they taste so so good.

Whatchamakin' for dinners this week? ;)

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