Friday, August 27, 2010

I was going to rant...

but man, it's Friday, it's been a great day so far, and you don't want to read a rant from little old me, do you? (haha, maybe if enough people do, I'll rant some time soon).

On the docket for today:

  • baking bread (rising as we speak)
  • making a dent in the batch of cloth pads I was supposed to be DONE WITH already (want to know more about cloth menstral pads? Leave me a comment and I'll help you out!)
  • edumacating my children (some math, some reading, and some science-y shark stuff awaits)
  • taking a trip to Marvin's Market, which is where I've found the lowest prices on produce (Columbus friends, feel free to point me in other, cheaper directions!)
  • laundry, never-ending laundry
  • working on a super secret project which will be shared later
  • and probably some snuggling with my kids, misc cleaning, and cooking things

It doesn't seem like that much, but the time passes so quickly. Heck, it's almost 10:30am and we're all still in our pajamas. I aspired to get us out for a walk too, but it might just be bikes in the breezeway.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Weekend days don't look a whole lot different than weekdays, I suppose, but Eric is home and that's really nice. The kids were invited to a birthday party Saturday morning, that's good fun.

All right, one of the children is demanding food. Again. I suspect this kid is growing because he's eating constantly. Sometimes I'm at a loss for good snack food. What are your favorite (preferably healthy) snacks?

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  1. My kids LOVE frozen blueberries and graham crackers :)