Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vegan Brunch #1

I'm numbering these because I hope there will be more. If I can get some more suckers...I mean, people, to join us.

All right, so our awesome friends Hannah and James and their adorable and sweet children came over for brunch today. I was soooooooo thrilled that they agreed to attend!! It was so much fun, I hope they had fun too.
Anyways, on the the important business, the FOOD. I have the Vegan Brunch cookbook and got a lot of my inspiration from it. The menu included: tofu scramble, pancakes (with or without carob chips), tempeh bacon, cup hashbrowns, canteloupe, and the most amazing cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted. Really, they were that good. If I do say so myself, everything turned out very yummy.

Things I would do differently next time: shell out $$ for soy creamer. I totally would have this time but I forgot. I would also have most of the pancakes done ahead of time so I'm not trying to cook pancakes and chitchat, becuase I burned a few. And maybe I should consider buying a creamer/sugar set for the coffee area. I don't have one, so the soy milk ended up in a measuring cup (the spout and handle kind, you know what I'm talkin' about) and the sugar in a juice glass. So ghetto. Heh.

How about some pictures??
The spread, after the children had finished eating. Starting on the upper left, that bowl was tofu scramble. On the tray in the upper right are the hash browns. There's a white bowl of tempeh bacon, and the pancakes are hiding in that covered bowl. Guess next time we'll have to take the covers off stuff before pictures. You can also see some canteloupe and some orange juice. And maybe a pancake?
Look at this deliciousness!! There's some tofu scramble, those little hashbrowns, tempeh bacon, and a carob chip pancake. Oh, and my coffee. See that weirdness in there? I always think it looks like a galaxy or something, because even if you set the mug down and leave it alone, the soy milk clumps and keeps moving around. It's freaky, man. It still tastes pretty okay, it just looks weird. This is why I prefer store bought soy creamer.

I'm so happy about Vegan Brunch #1!!! It really was way fun and a great way to spend a Saturday morning, chatting and kids playing.

See these cinnamon rolls??? Note that most of the pan is gone because we all nommed on them so hard. They were just like I remember Cinnabon cinnamon rolls to be. Delicious and gooey. Thanks, Hannah!!!

So that was Vegan Brunch #1. I'd like to do this once a month, who's with me?? If you're out of state, you can always claim the living room floor. I'll even let you use our air mattress and some sheets. ;)


  1. So if I promise to bring more cinnamon rolls, can I be invited to the next brunch? :)

    We had fun and everything was so yummy! You are a fabulous chef!

  2. You better come to the next brunch!!! I'm trying to think of other victims too. How many people do you think we can cram into our apartment? haha.