Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Cracker Makin' Day

Yes, I'm making crackers today. I don't do this every Tuesday, just when we run out of crackers. I know what some of you are thinking. Geez, Sheri, can't you just buy crackers at the freaking store like regular people?? Well sure I can! And if I were working outside the home, I probably would. There are many great brands of crackers without all kinds of scary junk in them. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to make home made versions of convenience foods, and that's cool. However, we are on something sad called a Budget, which doesn't allow me to spend $5 a box on healthy crackers. Good thing I have everything in my pantry to make my own!

I think I always knew that some food ingredients aren't healthy. Since the whole Cancer Thing, I'm even more mindful about what I put in my own body, and what I purchase for my family to eat. I do a lot more scratch cooking, a lot more label reading, and am just more thoughtful about the foods we eat. Granted, crackers aren't health food no matter where they come from. But if the kids are going to snack, and they do, I'd rather they were eating something that has ingredients we can pronounce, ingredients that come from my pantry.

So, the crackers! These are rosemary garlic crackers. They are pretty delicious. Here's the recipe if you're interested: www.everydaydish.tv/index.php?page=recipe&recipe=156

And here's the dough for the vegan saltine crackers I also am working on this morning. The goal is to get it paper thin, as thin as you can roll it without the dough tearing. It's kind of hard, but if you can make it work, the crackers are awesome. They taste just like saltines from the store, but better. I sprinkle garlic salt on them instead of plain salt because we are nuts about garlic around here. Here's that recipe: http://dairyfreecooking.about.com/od/breadsbakery/r/Recipe_Vegan_Saltine_Crackers.htm

And I just got a request for graham crackers from the children. They want to make duck and little man shapes. Cooking with kids is good math, yo, and life skills.

That's what I'm doing today. Got any big Tuesday plans?


  1. I really like making and eating homemade crackers. Of all sorts. Kai seems to think that they are somehow inferior, even when cut into the shape of little men. I keep working on him...because what is it 25 times before you can give up on a food declared unliked by a child?

  2. Yes, keep trying. The kids were sooooo used to convenience foods from when I was sick that it took many many tries of home made foods to get them back to where they will eat just about everything I make again. But they're starting to think that home made crackers are normal again, haha.

  3. Thanks for the links. :-) I mentioned to a friend the other day that I was making bagels and she said, "they sell those at the store, you know!" But where's the fun in that? :-)