Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Stuff From Me to You

The math curriculum (Singapore) we ordered for Reese arrived yesterday, and so far so good. She loves it, but she loves just about everything about learning except writing. Haha. Anyway, the instructor book is easy to use, and Reese is enjoying having her own books. I think it will really help us keep on track.

I feel good about the direction we're going this year. After a minor freakout yesterday about whether we're doing the right thing and much thinking, I'm confident this choice is the best for our children right now.

AND. Guess what I did? I volunteered to teach Spanish for our homeschooling group. Ack! They were going to have someone come in and teach, but the teacher was planning to charge each family. I'm solid on the basics, so I offered to teach. It's about time I put my Spanish minor to good use, huh? I'm one class shy of being certified to teach it. I think it will be awesome good fun, and I wanted to teach Reese and Eli anyway.

It's amazing to me how busy we've gotten, how we were able to find our tribe so quickly here. I wasn't sure how that would go seeing as it took almost two years in Appleton to feel comfortable and like we were a part of a group. Perhaps it's the ages of the kids, or perhaps I'm just more at ease with myself. Whatever it is, I'm glad. I miss the heck out of my friends from WI though.

All right. Chickpeas are a'cookin', and then the kids and I are going to hang out with friends. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. and Julie said ... Hey Sheri, Congratulations on choosing to teach Spanish! Who knew that you would be using your Spanish Minor all the way in GA. I knew that you would make friends quickly in GA. You are very outgoing, and a great friend. Reese and Eli have great teachers in you and Eric. We think it is great that you take the kids places and explore things. While we were hiking this past weekend, we saw a little boy, younger than Eli hiking with his Mom and Dad on the bluff we climbed. We were in the thick of the woods, and we met this couple. They were teaching their little boy about the woods. He wanted to know why it was so dark in the woods. His Mom was telling him to look up and see that there were trees everywhere, and they were blocking the sun. When I saw them, I thought of you with Eli and Reese. Made me miss you all the more. Good luck with your Spanish teaching. I will be interested to hear more about your home schooling with the kids. I believe your kids have the best two teachers ever, You and Eric!!! Miss you lots, Love Mom and Dad