Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ready for some pics?

All right, I'm losing patience with this thing and I have sick children who are clingy. So what you get is some random pics in no particular order of our trip to GA. At one point, we stopped at a fountain for the kids to play.
Good fun was had by all, although the fountains had NO shade. I would have liked some shade. Or benches that weren't black iron (and therefore freaking hot).

A little peek into the back seat. The cats did okay on the trip, but I suspect three hotels and an apartment in as many days was hard for them. They were freaked out.

Eli and his gun...sigh. I think this is the first hotel we stayed at in Indianapolis.

Reese in the first hotel. It was the best, IMO, although the Red Roof Inn party outside our room was fun.

I really like this one. Moving day was a chaotic adventure as we were still packing things (whoops) and doing some organizing. Luckily we had help with the kids! Around 2pm we finally got on the road.
All right. So I fail at posting pictures. I'll keep working on it, if you'll keep reading. :)

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  1. I miss you guys already! Thanks for the pics. I especially love the last one. I hope you guys feel all better soon!