Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Again, home again!

Perhaps it would feel more like home though if I had furniture. Hopefully the whole moving truck thing won't take too long.

Honestly, it's really hard not having muh stuff. Eric commented that we should get some drink coasters, and I said, "I could make you some...if I had my sewing machines." I was going to buy stuff for hummus the other day...but no blender or food processor (not complaining a ton about that one...store bought hummus is soooo good, and I rarely shell out the $$ for it). Oh blankets. Guess what I absent-mindedly packed in a box for the moving truck? All my bed blankets. I've been sleeping with a beach towel over me. Oh my desk top, I miss it so (no offense, laptop, you're functional). The kids could use some toys.

But it's not terrible. There is all the pool swimming you can handle. We have some exploring to do around the complex in search of the other playground and the mail box. I was surprised at how fast yesterday went. Things will be okay.

I know I promised pictures, and I know Eric uploaded them onto this laptop, but I can't find them anywhere. They will be coming, and they are worth the wait, in my not so humble opinion.

The plan for today? Relaxing, because we all have colds. What is it about traveling and changing climates that makes people sick? I suspect for me anyways, it has much to do with the lack of sleep and constant running during my last couple of weeks in Appleton. I guess I knew there would be a crash at some point.

Well, off to feed my kids!

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