Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes it works...

sometimes it does not. And that's okay. And this is what happens to it:

This was a butternut squash, carrot, onion, and rice crockpot meal. Yeah. No. Although Eric did say the flavor was fine, but the squash got all mushy because the rice took a thousand hours to cook. I'm undecided if we'll give this recipe another go or not.

And here's a picture of something NOT gross! Reese and Eli went to their first play ever today. It was called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Other Stories. We got to go to the River Center. Oh la la, fancy! It was a good time, for the most part.

The not great part was the cranky ushers. We walked in and they tried to make us sit way off to the side "to make room for the school groups." Uh, excuse me. We ARE a school group. A small one, but still. Maybe if they want to have control over where we sit, they should assign seat numbers when we purchase tickets.

Anyway, I'm hoping we can go back in March for another performance geared to younger kids. The kids said they would like to go again. I might have to find some books about theater production too because Eli was fascinated by the control room and the lights.

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  1. I couldn't have argued with the ushers. I would have just moved over to the side like they told me to. I dislike that about myself. Yay you! :)