Friday, July 30, 2010

Some mornings I wish *I* was the one walking out the door to go to work, to spend a day kid free. It's been one of those mornings: trying to referee the fighting during my yoga, convincing kids that breakfast is more than one sip of a smoothie, and cleaning up said smoothie off the floor after a gigantor spill. Sigh. It's hard when kids wake up too early and I don' t get a little while to do my own thing.

I remember working. There are challenges to working outside the home too. I appreciate that every day, Eric goes out into the big, bad world and works to take care of us. I hope the way I run our home and care for our children makes things easier for him.

So, turning this day around. I'm drinking my coffee, that will help. ;) We're going on a field trip to a cool store called Earth Fare with some good friends. There is a pile a foot and a half high of new library books begging to be read this afternoon. I think this day will be all right. If I can get the kids to stop fighting...

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