Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boxes, unpack yourselves!

And contents of boxes, kindly find a place to call your own. Thanks.

Unpacking boxes is both fun and frustrating. Some of the boxes were packed almost two months before we moved, so it's kind of fun to see what's inside. What's frustrating, you ask? Everything else. We have way too much stuff still, and we got rid of so much before the move. It's definitely a lesson in estimating and space management. I suspect there will be another big purge either NOW or whenever we move again.

Honestly though, things have been going smoothly for the most part, and that's not just the prozac talking. The moving company did a pretty good job overall. Things with the apartment have been good overall. No major hassles, not like the last time we moved. Perhaps that's a sign that this really is the right decision for our little family.

Slowly rooms are taking some shape. The dining room is almost done and clear of boxes. If I can find a dresser I like this weekend, the master bedroom will be just about done. The kid room needs some organizing, and I think we need a toy purge. The desktop and tv are back in action. I think the only thing we need is some storage for bikes and camping gear and such. The kitchen probably could use some tweaking, but again, nothing huge.

It's so weird seeing our stuff in a different environment. I remember feeling that way after we moved to Appleton from St. Paul. The pictures on the walls are the same but look totally different on these walls. The furniture, the storage bins, the's hard to believe that a few short days ago this apartment was bare.

I like it here. I'm starting to meet people (if only online for now), starting to get out and see things. It's such a unique opportunity, I'm glad we were able to do this.

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  1. Come tomorrow, you'll have some "in real life" friends. :-)