Monday, July 12, 2010

The Crankies

How do you banish them?

I woke up with the worst case of the crankies I've had in a while this morning. No cause as far as I can tell, just feeling stressed out and cranky and out of sorts.

Anyway, half a cup of coffee and some putzing around in the kitchen has helped me feel much better. A swim with the kids later might be fun too. Working on some more of the box mess around the apartment would also help. Things are coming along, and the apartment is looking like home and not like a storage unit, but we have a ways to go. It will happen, eventually.

I've got the kids watching a few shows, some beans cooking on the stove, and hopefully the morning will continue to improve.

It's driver's license day!!! I think I'll officially feel like a Georgia resident once I have a new license. And a library card, because that will be next.


  1. and Julie said ...I don't like it when I wake up with the crankies either. Most of the time it happens when I just don't feel the best. Or it happens when someone does something I don't like or appreciate. I guess you just have to try to work through it.
    Feel better soon! And remember everyone has bad days once in a while. Love you, Mom

  2. We have good libraries here and I've heard they are quite helpful with homeschooling! Going to the library is one of our favorite things here. I even know my library card number by heart. I know, I'm a dork. :-)