Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun Around the Apartment Complex

The other morning the kids and I went for a walk around the apartment complex. This place is huge: six swimming pools, two playgrounds, tennis courts, ponds. Lots to explore!

Reese my little Chicken Lady found some kindred spirits outside our breezeway that morning. There are ducks here and there, it's pretty fun. Maybe not as fun as Nibble the chicken, but it will work for now. Reese loves animals so much, I do want to find her a farm or something where she can chase chickens (or maybe learn to take care of them!).

Two of the pools are connected by a cave, and inside is a hot tub. It was quite exciting to check that out. One of these days we'll have to swim in there too.

Reese and Eli assure me that the water is warm in the hot tub. It's always so fun to watch little kids exploring their world. I'm lucky I get to be a part of that exploration and discovery.
One of the pools has this cool brick path. Do you notice how many times you see the back of Eli's head? He gets weird about having his picture taken, so it's challenging to get him to look. I'll try to do better. ;)

Look at this crazy tree! I don't know what the deal is with those roots or whatever sticking up, but it looked pretty cool.
Squirrels still look the same in GA as they did in WI. I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats about that.
Eli is going to cook us some delicious barbeque. There are several grills scattered about the complex, and Eli was fascinated with them. He's my little Mario Batali, I should really get him in the kitchen more.

DUCKS! CHASE THEM!! Yeah, I tried to stop them and explain that the ducks were just doing their duck work and we should leave them alone. It didn't work. I guess all the chasing of the chickens in WI is to blame. ;) The ducks around here are fat and slow. Is it wrong that I secretly hope Reese catches one?

And...dining room table!!! After about a week of craigslist nonsense, we caved and bought a new table and chairs. From Walmart. I know, I know. But I think the kids were getting sick of eating on the kitchen floor, and I know I was more than ready for some furniture. Oliver is grateful that there is once again something she can hide under, too. The rest of our stuff is due to arrive early next week.
The plan for today is to check out a farmer's market, and there's also a vegetarian store I want to see. I need nutritional yeast. Now.
You know what else I need? A freaking library card. I crave books so much I almost bought a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (even though I already own a copy). I have to check to see what kinds of information they need to give me my card, if it's just proof of address, I can do that. If they need a license, I'll have to wait until we find my birth certificate, which is in a box. I can't wait to get our stuff!

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