Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day In Pictures

So periodically I do this thing on one of my messageboards called Day in Pictures. Yes, it is what it sounds like, you take pics of your day. So on Tuesday, I took these pictures.

Reese, busily doing her math.

We tried to play a math game, a variation on War with subtraction, but it was lame and we quit.
We went for a walk, too. Reese brought her bunny in a sling, and Eli wouldn't show his face for any of the pictures.

Not much going on. Still writing novel. It still sucks (haha). Kids still learning. Dinners being cooked. Sewing accomplished. These things are the reason I'm not blogging as often. Do you miss me? ;)


  1. I miss you! In both blog update ways and physical hanging out ways. I love the picture of Eli and Reese on the walk. That is priceless. Are you guys doing vegan Thanksgiving again this year?

  2. We are definitely having vegan Thanksgiving! Some friends who are not able to go home for the holiday are going to join us. I miss the heck out of you and your lovely kids, Jehan!!!!