Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Homeschooling Looked like Yesterday...

After waking up and convincing everyone that breakfast was a good idea, Reese and Eli took turns on their little black computer.  They like to look at toys on Amazon and dream, haha.  I worked on the kitchen which needed a LOT of help.  Reese found her copy of Beezus and Ramona and did some reading.

At around 9:30, we decided to turn on PBS kids (no spongebob during "school").  I snuck into the shower, had a meeting with the principal, then suddenly realized it was almost 10:30am.  Kids dressed, grocery list, and out the door.

Reese and Eli weighed vegetables and fruits for me at the store.  Eli learned about apologizing when he ran his cart into someone else's cart.  Much negotiation about snacks and treats.  Explanations about why mom is NOT buying macaroni and cheese for a while.  Pop number quiz at the bulk bins.

Back at our apartment, the kids remind me to get the mail.  I guess it's been a few days.  Magazines galore!  We all sit down with Highlights Magazines and read together.  Those Timbertoes!

Time to pick up the house and vacuum!  Kids pitch in, job sort of gets done.  Mom only threatens to get out a garbage bag once or twice. 

Kids are restless and picking at each other.  Time for a nature walk.  Bread scraps are gathered.  Eli hollers the entire way to the lake.  Oh well, fresh air is good for everyone.  The flock of coots cheers everyone up and bread is scattered.  Will the coots jump and beg for bread?  Of course!  Pictures taken by all of us, prompting a chat about zooming.  Much running and laughter.

Moods are better on the way home, and 3pm has arrived.  The school day has officially ended, time for Wii. 

Did we crack an official school book?  Nah.  Did we all learn a lot anyway?  Definitely.  And tomorrow is another day.

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