Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Friday

Homeschooling to me is a mixture of experiences.  Some experiences come from books, some come from living life.  Friday we decided to do some living and went to a homeschool group function at Pizza Hut.  I'm pretty sure I smiled the whole time.  Seeing a bunch of kids all hanging out, coloring, laughing, eating pizza, treating each other's just awesome.  And the moms were nice too.  So after about four months here in Dallas, I think we have our homeschool group.  I hope they know what they're getting into, haha.

I also took the time to direct some clean up of the house.  I sometimes feel like we should have a cleaner home because we're in it all the time.  However, if I spent all my time cleaning, homeschooling would go right out the window.  So we try to balance the cleaning with the learning.

Then Eric took us out for dinner at a sushi restaurant.  Eli, the expert of dumplings, approved of the restaurant.  The sushi was great (veg rolls for me, if you were curious how a vegan eats sushi), and it was a lot of fun.  After that, a trip to a store for some vacation clothes and shoes.

I like busy days like Friday.  Good times.

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