Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cookies!!!

Oh yeah. Frosting homemade sugar cookies. Good times. And even more fun with kids who can help. Also completed this weekend were a bunch of dipped pretzels and some ginger cookies. I don't think the ginger cookies will make it until Christmas though, they're just too good. If I have time before we leave, I'll bake another batch.
Over the weekend we also visited with Santa. Our apartment community held a Christmas party with cookie decorating and Santa. The kids had a good time, shared their lists with Santa, and played with some friends.
I'm getting Christmas sewing done, slowly. Tonight I worked on a skirt for Reese until the ruffles made me too crazy. I'll try again tomorrow. Mostly I need to deal with wrapping and shipping gifts now. Tis the season!


  1. Awwww! I guess we can't do a cookie exchange this year, huh? What recipe do you use for the frosting? Does it dry hard? I made six dozen sugar cookies that are in my freezer right now waiting to be frosted.

  2. It's basically powedered sugar, water, flavoring, and food coloring. Lots of food coloring. Hahahaha. It dries very hard.

    Cookie exchange!!! I'll definitely miss that. Maybe we can do a post card exchange in January or February?